Yard Drainage, French Drains, and Drain Tile

Wet basements are more than a nuisance, they can also be a health hazard. Moisture in your basement can cause mold, reducing air quality in addition to causing musty smells. To remedy this, it’s important to capture the water before it enters your home. To channel the water away from your home, it’s important to have the right drainage system. From interior drain tile systems and sump pumps to exterior drainage solutions, such as French drains and underground downspout systems, Briggs Basement and Foundation Repair has the expertise to ensure your drainage issues are a thing of the past. Our experienced professionals will evaluate your home to find the cause of your problem and formulate a drainage solution best suitable for your home and your budget.

A combination of factors cause water to drain toward your home. Soil settlement from non compacted backfill when homes are built, wind blowing topsoil causing dirt to accumulate 3-10 feet away from the home, improper landscaping, particularly landscape borders holding back the water from draining properly away from the home. Excess water flows off yard mostly over top soil and through grass, a landscape border acts as a dam forcing the water to concentrate in subsoils near basement walls. When subsoil (expansive clay) becomes saturated it expands under pressure against the wall causing cracking and structural damage to your wall resulting in leakage through cracks, or around pipes entering through the walls. During summer months and particularly during droughts you may notice a gap open up between the basement walls and soil, NEVER FILL THIS GAP. Mr. Briggs has had many customers over the years tell him they filled the gap with soil. When soil rehydrates it will expand forcing the wall to shift inward at a faster rate causing SEVERE STRUCTURAL DAMAGE! Installing dirt around a home to improve drainage is a proper solution to a point. Just remember, the higher this dirt the more forces it will exert on the wall, the lower the dirt level where possible with downward slope away from the home the better for the structure in most cases. If this hasn’t totally confused you then try this on for size. The same landscape border which can severely damage your basement wall can in turn save you thousands of dollars on shallow footings (foundation) such as crawl space or garage footings by limiting the loss of moisture in soil at shallow subsoil levels which cause soil shrinkage (shrinking soil causes foundation to settle, expansion of soil forces basement walls inward). Want a better brain tickler? What happens when part of your home gets excessive water in one area and another area is relatively dry? They shift at different rates causing cracking and structural damage. Gutter downspouts and landscape borders are to many considered necessities yet deserve more attention as they are frequently the cause of major repairs.

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