Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have a job bigger than freestanding walls. They must not only hold their own weight, but must also withstand the weight of the earth which is often saturated with water. Over time, inadequate anchors, tree roots, clogged drains, the weight of items on the ground above, among many other factors can contribute to a tilting, settling, or buckling retaining wall. Retaining walls can lean regardless of their consisting material. Before you spend the time and money demolishing your wall to start over, consider calling Briggs Basement and Foundation Repair. Many of the techniques we offer for basement and foundation repair will also work for retaining walls. These techniques are typically much more affordable options than demolishing and building a new wall.

If new walls are required there are many options and we will advise upon inspection. Rigid concrete walls are often expensive and not the best option.

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