Crack Repair

You probably know that cracks in your basement or foundation could cause structural concerns, but there are many other problems cracks can create as well. Termites, Water, and rusting and weakening of steel reinforcing bar for example, can gain entry into your home through cracks. Through temperature and humidity changes, cracks can quickly become expensive to repair. If you notice a crack in your basement or foundation, especially over doors, windows and where walls meet ceilings, it could be a sign of problems in your basement or foundation. Doors in your home that suddenly jam or fail to latch, windows beginning to stick, or cracks open on tile or vinyl over a concrete floor could also mean it’s time to call a Briggs Basement and Foundation Repair professional to evaluate the situation.

Most cracks can be repaired easily only to reopen due to settlement, humidity, drainage problems and most commonly soil expansion. Frequently repairs made improperly can cause additional damage. An example is filling cracks in brick when the foundation settles and when the soil swells from expansion, cracks have nowhere to expand and will cause brick to crack in other locations. The same is true with basement walls, foundations and sheetrock. Most cracks should be repaired after structural concerns are addressed. Through research and development Briggs Basement and Foundation Repair has brought or developed numerous new methods of repair to the Wichita area including expansive foam, sand grout mix, and injections. Each product is unique for different types of crack repair. Most structural contractors start out with the best intentions only to have repairs fail through lack of knowledge of the extreme forces created by the expansive soils in and around the Wichita area. Here at Briggs Basement and Foundation Repair we try to give options as to several types of repairs with a genuine estimate of how long the different types of repairs may last.

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